That’s no moon! 🌔

Okay, yeah, I like Star Wars, and kudos to you for getting the joke. But seriously, that is way too big to be the moon! 😉

Okay setting the scene for this one… One evening working late at the office, I was sitting in the lounge on the top floor. The building is very open and you could see through that entire floor window-to-window if you were standing on the outside looking through. In between the supporting pillars running from the floor to the ceiling i could see something peeking out behind Kaknästornet, the moon! And is was huge! I quickly ran to my desk and grabbed my camera and my large zoom lens, which i just happened to have brought to the office that day.

I took this photo zoomed in all the way to 315mm and cropped even further to get this shot.

Click on the image to make it larger or look at the full image below!

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